Prevention of Covid 19, various colds and other viral diseases….


* Vit. D3 (5000 IU) – togetehr with magnesium citrate ! + Vit. K2

* Omega 3

Vitamin D3 + Omega 3 avoids intensive treatment and death! Vitamin D has an immunizing effect against the coronavirus…old and new studies prove it. In all autopsies of dead Covid 19 patients and in the severe courses in the intensive care units, no or much too low vitamin D3 and Omega 3 levels were found.

1. Magnesium is involved in the activation of vitamin D, which means that only with magnesium can those enzymes be active that convert vitamin D into its active form.
2. Vitamin D needs certain transport molecules in order to get from A to B in the body. Without magnesium, these transport molecules are inactive.

* Zine * Selenium * Vitamin C (immune system)

* Andrographis kills all bacteria & viruses in the upper respiratory area. In the case of colds, the first improvement occurs after just 2 hours. Has already been used very successfully for other Covid disease (chicken & swine flu). Start with a high dosage (3 capsules in the morning, -3 at noon, -3 in the evening, -3 at bedtime ,-3 at night) …..for 2-3 days, then gradually reduce…. Take the capsules even when you are already feeling better. Standard application approx. 5 days.

Andrographis is now also an official recommendation of the Thai government.

* Spirulina Chlorella is the basic remedy to detoxify – deacidify and give the body everything it needs. Immense strengthening of the immune system! and much more

* Nasal Spray preventive 1-2x/week, more often if necessary
Caution: risk of addiction!

*Curcuma longa + Black Pepper creates order in the gastrointestinal tract, including against cancer

* Ginger is anti-inflammatory throughout the body

* Detoxification Deacidification – ionic Detox Foot Bath/Spirulina Chlorella, ph: 11! Over-acidification is the basis for approx. 80% of all diseases/complaints, no cure without deacidification!

  • Drink enough clean water (osmosis)
  • no intensive sport/activities… save energy
  • sleep/rest a lot… keep stress away from you include family members/contact persons/ pets in the prevention
  • Avoid close contacts .. especially against vaccinated people because they are certain that they will not spread Covid which is exactly the opposite.
  • in closed public spaces, keep your distance, wear a mask, and often disinfect your hands.
  • go for a walk in the sun without a mask if possible
  • leave your mask off as often as possible or turn it over to the other side every 10 minutes. The air you breathe emits a lot of moisture, bacteria buld up on the inside of the mask and you breathe everything in again.

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