Siam Natural Health Products

Opened in 2004 as the first Asian Natural Remedies/ Herbs shop in Pattaya. The task of the German owner and co-director is to advise customers who want to keep their health at an acceptable level for as long as possible.

In the case of illnesses and complaints, are shown alternative routes to the mostly expensive private hospitals. It is not only the costs that play a role … the holistic healing approach also promises more success. The huge amount of positive feedback confirms our way.

With the introduction of Spirulina Chlorella tablets, our own created and FDA approved product, the company reached another important milestone. Although Thailand has 3-4 of its own spirulina farms, there is de facto no chlorella production. Chlorella is the complicated and more expensive counterpart to Spirulina and the combination of both makes it valuable.

We can offer Spirulina Chlorella tablets in a very clean quality that cannot be offered on the European market.


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