Spirulina Chlorella 2 x 200 tablets, 400mg/tablet, Mix 1:1, Bio-Organic, Thai FDA Certificate !


200 Tablets, 400mg

Spirulina (spirulina platensis) is a blue-green alga mainly grown in outdoor tanks. It captures sunlight by means of its blue-green pigments (phycocyanin = blue, chlorophyll = green) and delivers a complex and high quality health food through photosynthesis. Chlorella (chlorella vulgaris) is the plant with the world`s most content of Chlorophyll…    Chlorophyll = Life

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Spirulina provides all nutrients the human organism needs to survive. According to a study of the WHO “… could a person survive by only drinking water and eating 10 gram Spirulina daily.” Spirulina contains all needed vitamins (except vitamin C) A, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin and others); minerals and trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, germanium, selenium) as well as most (19) amino acids the body needs, such as proline, arginine and lysine which are necessary for cancer prevention. Researches and studies from Japan and the US have shown that this high concentrated algae food constantly detoxifies liver and kidneys. Whether caused by damaging environmental influences, smoking, alcohol abuse or medication of pain killers and anticancer drugs, the simultaneous intake of Spirulina can verifiably mitigate many harmful side effects and considerably reduces toxic substances. Not having to accumulate even more toxins will your already highly stressed body be grateful for.

An intake of alkaline food Spirulina (highly basic = ph 9 – 11) eliminates the cause of many diseases by reneutralizing the overacidificated body. Thus, such a relieved immune system can again turn to other health maintaining functions.

Giving of Spirulina after the Chernobyl reactor accident proved to be successful. The detected urine radioactivity of radiation victims was already halved after 6 weeks! The alga does not only help to mitigate the damaging effects of x-rays on healthy tissue during radio cancer therapy but also inhibits the cancer growth directly. The incorporated amount of x-rays on an intercontinental flight can be equivalent to about 3 radiograph doses. Spirulina acts as a natural protection against radioactivity for frequent fliers. That also applies for low but frequent radiation exposure from a computer, TV, microwave, mobile phone, etc. It can result in head aches, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhoea and eventually lead to sterility, malformation, hair loss, cataract, leukaemia or other kinds of cancer.

Spirulina is also effective in the treatment of a wide variety of allergies by reducing histamine release.

This natural product has no negative side effects. Elderly and ill people, vegetarian, heavily menstruating women and persons who take too little food can almost exclusively cover their vitamin and mineral needs by just taking Spirulina. Vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin E and iron, among others, are found in high concentration. Absorption of iron is increased by 60% compared to other substances.

Regular intake of Spirulina can cure impaired bowel function and/or Candida infection. Healthy and sickened people should always contribute to a well functioning immune system. Therefore, Spirulina is also used as alternative or supportive medication to treat HIV. The replenishment of all necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids and the simultaneous neutralization of acids is an effective protection against heart attack and brain stroke. Up to the middle of the last century mankind were periodically fasting. Doing so, the body can get rid of many blood vessel and joint deposits, and can reduce acid body slag. Drastic measures like a calorie-free diet are not conducive to health in most cases. Although one admittedly loses a lot of weight in the beginning but at the same time the vitamin and mineral storage is getting massively reduced and toxins are being egested. Thus, harm to the body can well outweigh the benefits. Water/juice fasting adding Spirulina is a much safer way. It ensures that the body is not deprived by vital nutrients. If energy is supplied to the organism that way newly optimized metabolic processes can burn much fat. Toxins released during a fast are bound and egested with the help of Spirulina/Chlorella . Spirulina’s appetite suppressant effect makes fasting easier as well.

According to a study by Tokai University (Japan), LDL cholesterol level was lowered significantly, even by maintaining normal eating habits, when Spirulina was taken. As a result, the risk of arteriosclerosis and consequent secondary diseases was reduced. Spirulina has also a regulating effect on thyroid hyper- and hypo-function. People taking medication can mitigate unwanted side effects by taking Spirulina/Chlorella without affecting the potency of the medication.

Chlorella vulgaris is used in alternative medicine as agent for heavy metal detox; also during and after amalgam removal. Btw, it’s just Chlorella that can remove heavy metals from the brain! The Chlorella alga can permanently bind and egest environmental toxins such as pesticides and insecticides, as well as heavy metals such as palladium, tin, nickel, lead, cadmium and mercury. The removal (detoxification, purification, deacidification) can be accomplished by simultaneous fasting and detoxification (e.g. with Ion-Detox Footbaths). Chlorella is thereby binding heavy metals and environmental toxins which are then effectively egested.

The agent Sporopollenin absorbs toxins like a sponge; toxins cannot again being dissolved from the compound. Moreover, a high content of beta-carotene inhibits excessive oxidative damage to cells caused by free radicals and prevents premature ageing. Chlorella is effective against harmful intestinal bacteria by simultaneously protecting and stimulating the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. The Chlorella alga contains more chlorophyll than any other known plant, even considerably more than Spirulina or the Alfalfa alga. Chlorophyll, the ‘green’ of the plant leaves, is an edible form of solar energy, the key of life and the foundation of our biological existence. It promotes hematopoiesis, supplies cells with oxygen, protects cell walls against oxidative damage, stimulates bowel movements, and reduces body and mouth odour.

FaYo Spirulina / Chlorella, produced for the Asian market and certified organic in Germany is presented as 50% Spirulina + 50% Chlorella mix. It is Thai FDA approved and complies with the stringent US FDA standards which are considerably stricter than German standards.

At present there is no comparable product out in Thailand yet. Moreover, other producers can just offer Spirulina without Chlorella at this price. If interested, laboratory findings from a Swiss lab and the Thai FDA lab can be obtained.

Dosage: Women and underweight persons 3g = 7-8 tablets, normal-weight men 5g = 12-13 tablets per day. Intake with ample water at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before meal.

Explicitly recommended to use as supplement /detoxification over a long period of time.

Please note: Spirulina contains all essential vitamins except vitamin C. Vitamin C presumably destroys the oxygen-giving chlorophyll.
Spirulina / Chlorella should therefore not be taken together with citrus fruits or vitamin C. After one hour, when the extremely easily digestible alga has passed the gastro tract, vitamin-containing food can be safely taken. Tip: take the total daily dose Spirulina Chlorella in the morning, noon and evening 2 x 3 Moringa oleifera capsules

In case detoxification symptoms are too intense the intake should be stopped for 2 to 3 days and then again gradually increased from a lower dose.
Spirulina / Chlorella is a pure 100% organic product, manufactured in Asia under consistent German quality control.

à Spirulina /Chlorella can be used as basic therapeutic agent for almost all medical treatments.

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