Momordica Charantia, 100 capsules


Momordica charanthia (Bitter Cucumber) is a globally well studied natural remedy. It works antibiotic, antiviral, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-leukaemia and antitumoral. Applied as one of the natural remedies against HIV. Particularly effective against breast-, prostrate- and oral cancer. Numerous studies have shown an anti-cancer effect in case of liver cancer, melanoma and sarcoma. It enhances interferon production and has strong immune-system stimulating properties. The Thai Bitter Cucumber contains an enzyme which significantly inhibits the development of psoriasis, viral and bacterial skin diseases (furuncle, acne), rheumatic and gout pains, leukaemia and cancer cells. Also to be used against Heliobacter pylori infections of the stomach, viral and bacterial infections; and as a support remedy particularly in cases of diseases caused by staphylococcus, pseudomonas, salmonellae, streptobacilli and streptococcus. Two other important fields of use are diabetes type 2 + prediabetes and adiposity (obesity). Momordica is a herb that offers obese people help and support to lose weight (see also Garcinia cambogia). It has an appetite suppressive effect and helps to remove old fat cells.

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An effective initial dose is approx. 3g powder extract = approx. 9 capsules daily which can be reduced to 4 capsules daily over time.

Not to be used when seeking pregnancy or during pregnancy and lactation. Due to a simultaneously necessary reduction of anti-diabetes medication see your GP.



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