Kaempferia parviflora, Krachai-Dum, (Only for Men) 100 capsules


Kra Chai-Dum, (only for Man), 100 capsules

Kaempferia parviflora, black Galangal Root (Thai: Kra-Chai Dum), Country of origin: only Thailand …is a mild hormone replacement (Testosterone) for a men and a very strong herbal sexual enhancer (aphrodisiac). Increases libido and sexual desire. General strengthening of the male body, gives it strength, endurance, vitality, longevity and prevents signs of fatigue. Against signs of aging on skin, hair, hair loss, muscle strength, heart, prostate. Also used for body aches, headaches, muscle pain, disc pain and gastric mucosal diseases (gastritis/tumor prevention).

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Help with brain disorders and geriatric (age-related) problems. Good antispasmodic, antibacterial and antifungal effect (Candida albicans) on the gastrointestinal tract. To strengthen the heart, for allergies, arthrosis, high blood pressure. Has a positive effect on the skin (facial skin) and hair (hair loss). Other properties: against tumor cells (cytotoxic), against pulmonary tuberculosis (antimycobacterial) and infectious diseases (antimalaria).

In women, this mild hormone replacement can reduce excessive discharge.

to increase the testosterone level take 6 capsules (2×3) and to maintain 3 capsules daily. It makes a lot of sense to take Butea superba at the same time, without increasing the total dose.. only half Krachai Dam and half Butea. After 3 months, take a break of at least 1 month.


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