Red Panax Gingseng-Extract ! , 100 capsules


Panax Ginseng from Korea / China exceeds the effect of Siberian and Canadian Ginseng. White and red Ginseng stem from the same root. White Ginseng is bleached and dried while red Ginseng retains its colour by steam processing. Only at least 6-year old plants are used. The distribution in Korea is officially controlled.

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* Heart, blood stream, blood pressure
stabilizes blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, strengthens the contraction power of the heart muscle and the coronary vessel blood flow
* Arteriosclerosis
can lower cholesterol level (LDL), thus warding off arteriosclerosis.
* Liver
helps to break down alcohol faster, protects against intoxications and helps with regeneration
* Metabolism and digestion
improves the digestion of carbohydrates, protein and fats
* Stress and Uneasiness
hormone-like agents help to deal better with stress
* Nervous system
has both a stimulating and a calming effect; strengthens powers of concentration, improves memory and mental performance in general. Effective against on-going tiredness, fatigue and neuropathy; promotes a sound sleep.
* Old age
has a rejuvenating effect; helps against many ailments of old age such as men’s decreased sexual function

Dosage: 2 – 3 capsules daily.

Gingko biloba and Butea superba (for men), and Pueria mirifica (for women) can be added as a perfect complement to Ginseng.



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