Orthosiphon Aristatus, 100 capsules


Orthosiphon aristatus (Cat’s Whiskers) has a diuretic effect and hence lowers blood pressure. It has also a beneficial effect on blood sugar in Type II diabetes patients. Orthosiphon enhances urination (uricosuric) and simultaneously inhibi ts the synthesis of uric acid (uricostatic). It can therefore also be used as long-term medication for hyperuricaemia (for gout prophylaxis).Orthosiphon is generally effective in blood and urine purifying.

Treatment of uropathy, particularly for flushing in case of bacterial and inflammatory disorders of the efferent urinary tract. Also used to wash out kidney gravel and for kidney stone prophylaxis.

A flushing, anti-inflammatory, slight antispasmodic and germ-killing effect is commonly observed.

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Dosage : 3 x 1 – 2 capsules daily before meal. Pay attention to a sufficient water intake (the optimal output of urine is 2 litres per day).

Contraindication: In case of oedemas and abnormal accumulation of fluid caused by cardiac insufficiency or impaired renal function seek the advise of your GP



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