Thunbergia laurifolia, 100 capsules


Thunbergia laurifolia is highly effective in liver detoxification. Alcohol, drugs, medications and environmental toxins (foods, exhaust fumes, etc.) are broken down. Our liver does not possess pain receptors that could warn of its terminal stage (liver cirrhosis). Merely weariness, weight loss, decrease in performance and upper abdominal fullness are felt. Laboratory findings confirm that Thunbergia works quickly and effectively. A regular administration is recommended for people who are prone to alcohol abuse.

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Another application is Asthma Treatment and it is also a strong anti-allergenic agent (e.g. in case of constant itching and scratching). It has the advantage of no side effects compared to synthetic drugs (fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth). It protects the liver and doesn’t place stress on it.

Dosage: 3 to 6 capsules, maximum 9 capsules/ day. An optimal detoxification cure lasts 3 months.

Contraindications: not known



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