Murdannia loriformis, 100 capsules


Murdannia loriformis (Beijing Grass) The effectiveness of this herb is well known among Thais for hundreds of years. It is based on three kinds of effectiveness: 1. Having an effective immune-stimulating activity particularly in cases of mutagenic diseases. 2. Having a positive effect on lymphocytes. It is a highly effective antioxidant (protection against free radicals) and has a positive effect on uncontrolled cell growth (cancer). 3. Is effective against tumour cells without being cytotoxic (destroying other tissues cells) which can be caused by conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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Other fields of effective use are chronic bronchitis and liver detoxification (intake at least 3 months).

Murdannia should be used as early as possible in case of very severe and life threatening diseases. An additional medication of other natural remedies, according to the respective disease, is recommended. In case of malignant and benign tumours also simultaneously being used during orthodox medical treatment, or, upon your own decision, also used as sole therapy.

Dosage: At least 3 capsules a day before meal; a higher dose according to the severity of the case.



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