Safflower (Carthamus Tictorius), 100 capsules


Safflower is taken as blood tonic and for blood purification. It is also applicable for the treatment of bladder and kidney stones, common liver ailments and skin diseases provided they are caused by unclean bloodstream (acne and eczemas). Safflower is effective in lowering LDL- and total cholesterol, lowering the *CRP (see below); in prevention of lipometabolic disorder, coronary artery disease/arteriosclerosis, and therefore effectively reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. It keeps large and small blood vessels open and clean. It should be taken in high doses after minor strokes and heart attacks. Clinical studies confirm that a regular medication of safflower protects the heart since it is fighting insufficient blood flow, purifies the blood and is heart-invigorating.

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Dosage: as maintenance dose 1 capsule before breakfast and supper (2×1 capsule). For heart protection 6-10 capsules per day.

*CRP is short for ‘C-Reactive Protein’, a marker for inflammation in the body. CRP is an important risk predictor for an impending heart attack. The normal value should not be higher than 0-3.



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