Cassia siamea, 100 capsules


Cassia siamea is a natural tranquilizer used to relive anxiety and reduce tensions. Contrary to synthetic sedatives it’s not only calmative and sleep inducing but also invigorating. It does not lead to dependency as synthetic drugs do and can be administered as long-term therapy.

Cassia siamea is mainly helpful with any kind of sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, lighter forms of panic attacks and is beneficial in states of anxiety and stress (also as supplementary taking to Morinda citrofolia – Noni – agent: serotonin).

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Dosage: 6 to 12 capsules/day or if required also during the day. Patients dependant on sleep-inducing drugs replace their medication step-by-step with Cassia siamea.

Administration: Recovery from sleeping pill addiction (sedative) within 1 to 2 months. For integral detoxification the additional taking of Thunbergia and Spirulina is recommended.



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