Gingko Biloba, 100 capsules


Gingko biloba is successfully used in Chinese medicine for a very long time. It improves mental potential and is also used in cases of severe dementia. Gingko has a vasodilating and blood flow improving effect; from the arteries right down to the smallest capillaries.

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It is always used in cases of tissue ischemia and impaired blood circulation:
– impaired cerebral and peripheral blood flow
– impaired blood flow in head, legs and skin (cold sensation), numbness
– arteriosclerotic caused vascular diseases of the limbs
– arteriosclerosis, complications after a stroke (apoplexy) and cranial trauma
– lack of concentration, loss of memory, decrease in intellectual capacity and activity due to impaired blood circulation
– tinnitus (buzzing, wheezing, ringing in the ear), sudden deafness, inner ear functional disorders
– vision disorders such as presbyopia and blurred vision
– general debilities, languor, listlessness, depression
– limb and muscle pain
– vertigo, headaches and to some extent migraine
– sleep disorders
– vein deficiency, varices and haemorrhoids
– diabetes induced tissue damage, smoker’s leg, intermitted claudication
– improvement of blood flow properties (blood thinner)
– aphrodisiac
– works as antioxidant that reduces free radicals (cancer prevention)

Dosage: 6 capsules a day for prevention and long term use; 6 to 12 capsules used as therapy. Taken before meals; in case of stomach trouble taken after meals. It can take 6 to 8 weeks until the effect is noticed.

Side effects: rare gastrointestinal disturbances, head aches. Use with caution by a simultaneous intake of blood clotting inhibitors (incl. Aspirin).
Panax Ginseng and Butea superba (for men) or Pueria mirifica (for women) can be added as a perfect complement to Gingko biloba.



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